At Intellent Patents, we embrace a direct approach to detail-gathering and technical brainstorming that leads to patent depth and innovation excellence. Our mission is centered on Strategic Vision, Business Optimization, and Success Planning.

Strategic Vision: Unleashing Patent Depth

Our commitment to crafting robust patent applications begins with an unwavering dedication to detail-gathering. We understand that every innovation is unique, and we take the time to brainstorm technical variations that go beyond the ordinary. This process ensures that your patent not only protects your current invention but also anticipates future developments, providing depth and longevity to your intellectual property.

Business Optimization:
Turning Inventive Concepts into Assets

We go beyond the technical aspects of patenting. We understand that key business decisions, such as securing funding or entering new markets, are pivotal to your success. Our approach is to analyze these decisions in conjunction with your patent portfolio planning. This synergy enables us to tailor your patent strategy to align perfectly with your business goals, ensuring that your patents are not just protective shields but strategic assets that enhance your market position.

Success Planning: Diligence for Your Triumph

At Intellent Patents, we recognize that success is a carefully planned journey. This involves due diligence to adjust patent scope according to your evolving goals. We also don’t just stop at obtaining patents; we help you plan for success. We work tirelessly to fine-tune your patent portfolio, ensuring it remains in harmony with your aspirations, adapt to industry changes, and continually contribute to your triumph.

Ahmed Alhafidh, dba Intellent Patents, has been a patent agent since 2013. He is based in San Jose and regularly works with inventors and companies internationally.